‚Äč"Leah has an exceptional calming nature that makes her the best at what she does.  I was comforted by her massages and prenatal preparation during my pregnancy and then she guided me through two natural childbirths.  Leah's insight and knowledge regarding many topics for expectant parents made the journey to parenthood much smoother for my husband and me."  

-Kim T (Mother of  2, Leah attended both births)

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"We were so blessed to work with Leah before, during, and after the births of our sons. She is incredibly well-informed, open-minded, and thoughtful in her approach. Her comfort and support throughout labor and delivery helped both my husband and I through the most life-changing experiences of our lives.  When we were exhausted and overwhelmed, Leah was our advocate at the hospital. She had a wonderful rapport with the hospital staff which helped our entire experience. Leah also talked through ideas to help us comfort our colicky little guy and has always been a wealth of information on so many issues. She literally radiates warmth and comfort. I cannot recommend her highly enough."  

--Robyn, Joel, Levi and Asher

"I feel strongly that but for Leah's ability I could not have made it to the end of a 51 hour labor.  Leah is able to support you and guides you with such a calm approach  that you are surprised to find out how much you can and actually will do.  Leah definitely helped me meet my wife's needs during labor, guiding me when my wife could not articulate her needs to me due to the intensity of labor."

-Brendan P (Father of 3, Leah was present at all births)

"I know that Debra already wrote you, but I wanted to personally thank you for everything you did to help us during labor. We really felt so supported. Everyone asks Debra how she did a natural birth, and we respond wholeheartedly "our doula Leah!"
You were there for Debra at every contraction, and I am certain that if you weren't there Debra probably would have gotten a epidural or at best been really mad at Kendra and I for the rest of her transition.  I am so impressed by how much you do (and how often you do it). Thanks to your help, I really feel like Debra is now a walking billboard for finding a good doula and for natural birth.  Thank you again".

- Dan S (Father of 2, Leah attended both births)

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"It has been invaluable to have immediate access to someone who has so much experience of new born babies, breastfeeding and parenting.  Having such a knowledgeable person around meant that issues which came up for me and my baby were identified and resolved before they were able to develop into bigger problems." 

-Kate W (Mother of 2, repeat client)

"I have been fortunate enough to work with Leah for my last two pregnancies and births each being very unique. The first time she and I came together was for the pregnancy and birth of our son, Noah. I was so hopeful to have a nice average pregnancy and delivery  because Noah's older siblings are triplets and everything about their arrival was very medical and not at all what I would have hoped for. My pregnancy with Noah was very "normal" until sudden bleeding started around 19 weeks. Leah's calm and poise during what was a very stressful time helped me to focus on caring for myself and our baby without losing my cool. Thankfully the bleeding issues subsided and Noah was born perfectly healthy in the VBAC I had been so desperate to achieve with Leah right there at our side. Next, I was trilled to work with Leah once again for the ultimate birth of my dreams - a home birth for our daughter Nina. As I was in full blown labor when Leah arrived at our home, all I could hear was Leah calmly telling me to breathe my baby down. She helped me remain focused and in the moment as my body was working so hard. When it came time to push she worked seamlessly with our midwife and was an encouraging and calm presence not only to me, but also to my husband and our older children who were present. I am forever grateful to Leah not just for her knowledge and professionalism, but also for the way I felt so respected and cared for during two of the most extraordinary times in my life."

-Kate G (Mother of 5, Leah attended last 2 births)