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Postpartum Services

2016 Clients' Statistics 
Total births attended - 33 (29 hospital, 4 home) 
Unmedicated births with OBs - 7
Unmedicated births with midwives - 14
Vaginal births using Epidural pain management - 6
Successful VBACs - 2 
C-sections - 6 (2 for breech presentation, 2 attempted VBACs, 1 elective, 1 after trial of labor) 

A Doula’s role is to give continuous physical, emotional, and informational support to the mother and her partner prior to, during, and just after the birth of their child.  As a Doula, Leah brings her experience working with many different women and practitioners, her education through workshops and continuing education programs, and her massage therapy skills to the laboring mother.  As well as beneficial breathing techniques, positions and activities for labor progression and pain relief, Leah weaves an unconditional, nurturing love and support for the mother and her partner.

Leah’s Labor Doula 
Package includes:

  • Two prenatal meetings
  • 4-week on-call availability surrounding your due date
  • Attendance at the labor & birth of your baby beginning when desired by you
  • Immediate postpartum support, including breastfeeding assistance
  • One postpartum visit to discuss birth experience & answer questions

During your prenatal meetings, we will discuss your wishes, goals, and questions surrounding the birth experience.  You will learn and review positions for laboring, breathing techniques, simple massage strokes all to bolster your confidence in laboring as comfortably as possible.  During this time, in-home massage services are also provided at an additional charge.

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Infant Massage

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"For far too many women pregnancy and birth is something that happens to them rather than something they set out consciously and joyfully to do themselves."

-Sheila Kitzinger

Placenta Encapsulation

Massage Therapy


As a Postpartum Doula, Leah’s primary goal is to support and care for the Mother.   Providing day and overnight support for mama and baby(s), Leah strives to support each new mom in the specific ways that best meet her needs. 

This includes:

  • Helping care for the home
  • Supporting breastfeeding
  • Simple meal preparation & light housekeeping
  • Helping with sibling adjustment
  • Assisting in the care for baby

Leah’s focus is to provide nurturing support “mothering the mother” so that new mamas feel their postpartum period is positive and rewarding by meeting their physical and emotional needs as new mothers.

Leah can also come to your home to consult specifically on Breastfeeding.  Using her Lactation Educator skills, she will observe breastfeeding, help you 
troubleshoot issues, give helpful suggestions for positioning, latching, pumping, bottle feeding, etc.  She will also give you wonderful referrals if she thinks you and your baby would benefit from seeing a Board Certified Lactation Consultant.

The placenta is full of feel-good hormones and healing chemicals that, if made available to a mother after birth, can help support and enhance her postpartum experience.  
Placenta Encapsulation has been shown to
*Prevent/lessen the risk of baby blues.
*Replenish iron supply from childbirth blood loss
*Stabilize hormones, fight fatigue, provide energy
*Promote healthy milk production
*Speed healing time and lessen pp bleeding
*Minimize postpartum hair loss 


Labor Doula Services

Pregnancy is a time of many mental and physical changes.  Massage therapy is wonderfully beneficial for both mom and baby in both respects.  It can be received during each trimester, as well as during Labor, as added support and relief. 

During Pregnancy: 

  • Increases circulation - aids in relief of varicose veins, reduces swelling and blood pressure, as well as increasing blood supply to the fetus
  • Reduces stress by individualized attention and nurturing touch
  • Reduces musculoskeletal pain and fatigue
  • Aids in developing flexibility and the kinesthetic awareness necessary to be an active participant in the birth process
  • Fosters nurturing maternal touch

During Postpartum 

  • Nurtures and provides emotional support
  • Alleviates muscle strain/fatigue of labor and birth
  • Promotes pelvic floor healing and comfort
  • Rebalances pelvis and restores abdominal structures
  • Facilitates healing from cesarean birth
  • Prevent and reduce back & neck pain caused by newborn care

Leah has found that by blending her knowledge of techniques, she is able to customize bodywork sessions for each client. She approaches each session with the intention of helping the body towards its mission of ultimate relaxation, health, and harmony.  Leah specializes in In-Home sessions for her clients.

Enjoy learning a new way to connect with, calm, and nurture your little one!  Research is showing that babies grow faster and act better when they are on the receiving end of loving touch. Infant massage is a skin-to-skin connection that helps parents and baby better read each other's body language – without saying a word.

Leah regularly teaches an Infant Massage Workshop at Hinsdale Hospital.  She also loves offering Infant Massage Workshops to New Mom Groups, Playgroups, etc.  Please inquire...